Here you can find additional information about me.

Quick Info

Age - 21 (1995/11/05)

Home - Gräfsnäs, Sweden

Profession - Busker

Interests - Magic, Writing, Art

Family - Mother, Father, Brother, Brother

Selfie in Milan

This is one of the photos from the day when everything changed. Sounds so dramatic, doesn't it?

Things I want to do before I die:

-Run a marathon

-Graduate in anything

-Live as a monk for year (simple lifestyle, not necesarily religious)

-Make somebody really happy

-Become a grandfather and bather my grandchildren with long stories

Countries I've performed in:

Sweden - I'm not sure... (10+)

Finland - Kellekoski

Denmark - Copenhagen

Germany - Berlin, Freiburg, Offenburg

France - Paris, Taizé

Spain - Barcelona, Seville, Málaga

Italy - Milan, Venice, Rimini, Ancona

United Kingdom - Brighton

San marino - Città di San Marino

Greece - Athens, Thessaloniki

Turkey - Istanbul

Cyprus - Paphos

Bulgaria - Sofia

Hungary - Budapest

Czech Republic - Prague

Portugal - Lisbon

Total countries: 16

Total cities / places: 24

Time spent...

Juggling - 6 Years

Doing Magic - 4 years

Performing - 3 years

Traveling, Busking - 1 year, 1 month (Started april 2015)

How it all started

I first saw a serious juggler at a summer camp 2010, juggling five balls. I thought "Damn. That look pretty cool!". So I tried it myself, and... well, I got pretty good. It became my hobby, and I practiced a lot for a while.

A few years later, 2012, when I started high school, I found out that my best friends classmate was a magician. He broke the magicians code, and showed me how to do a small coin trick, which I practiced to perfection. I then found a show with a swedish magician on youtube, and watched the video over and over again until I understood how he did every single trick.

My first grand magic show was in Kellekoski, Finland, 2013. There, in front of an audience of perhaps 150 people, I discovered that I really enjoyed making people laugh and drop their jaws.

Busking career

Ever since I started performing, my plan have been to become a busker (a person who entertains in a public place for donations), with the goal to travel around the world, paying only with the money I earn from performing. I tried it a little on a family vacation, the summer of 2013 and found out that it was very (very) hard.


Fortunately, I didn't let that get me down. I tried again the next summer of 2014 in Gothenburg, Sweden, and I managed to make a small amount of money during a week. I knew that I wouldn't be able to travel if I couldn't increase my income. Summer in Sweden isn't lasting for too long. I wasn't doing many shows at all due to laziness and fear, and soon I ran out of time to practise. But when winter was over I had made up my mind, and decided to try to travel and busk, no matter what the outcome may be.


That was a big leap of faith, and I didn't do well in the beginning, which really got me off my feet. The entire first month I was in agony, feeling stupid for even trying. I pressed on though, and managed to do a few shows in Copenhagen and Berlin (the first two places of my trip), but most days I spent on my hostelroom, balancing on the edge of giving up. It was a depressing time that was cured a little, when I got to Freiburg, and met up with an old friend. I spent 10 days at his place, which felt like being home. I wasn't sad anymore, but I still didn't do many shows.


When I left Freiburg and went to Milan, the depression started all over again. In the end of the week, though. I just said "fuck it" and somehow managed to drop all of my anxiety, go out, and do shows. This turned out to be my most succesful day I've ever had in the streets, and during one day, I earned five times more money than I have earned that way in a day before. People gave my amazing feedback, someone always stayed and talked after the shows and some people took selfies and photos with me.


After that day, I was never afraid to fail again.

Currently, I am living my dream.